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2012 AfroExposure Educates and Entertains Featured

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On behalf of all the AfroExposure Team, we would like to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone that made the second AfroExposure: the African Connection event a success beyond our wildest imagination. This year's event was inclusive of African dance, music, fashion and poetry with the emphasis on cultural education and artist exposure. Our goals to culturally educate people about the uniqueness of the African culture was brought to light yet again through the hard work of so many people.

Artists and designers and dance groups came from all over to demonstrate their love for their craft and culture by performing on stage.  Every artist brought a different flavor to the stage and completed the picture that while different we all share a common heritage.

A special thanks goes out to our 2012 Team Members: Will Roberts, Q Karmue, Edwina McGill, Daryl Varr, Henry Hallie, TJ Torjilar, Lamin Sherman, Alexander Roberts, Joanna Arku, Skye Charlie, Mark Huluka, Lisa McGill, Osaretin Obaseki, Andong Nkobena and Roseline Mathieu.

We also like to thank PalavaHut Media, HutPhotos, Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center management team, Liberia Embassy, Botts Artistry Makeup Team, Matrix Media, Liberia Star Views, African Music Exposure, Woodworks Production, Pablo Jimenez-Reyes and Ana Valetin, Justin Wesley of Coologic Labs, TruVision, Martinique Lewis, Sharon 'Auntie Afrika' Minor King, Tammie Garr, Deshield Enterprises, Paul Hance Photography, Kudissanga Organization, Angola Embassy, the African Affairs Committee of Montgomery County and all our supporters and well wishers.

Thank you for the faith that you have placed in us and for coming along for the ride one more time. Someone once said that success is not about how much money you make but by the difference that you make in people lives, we believe that what we have done and continue to do will go a long way to improving our understanding of diversity and ultimate help make our world a better place to live.

Please follow us on website or on Twitter (@afroexposure) and on Facebook - keyword 'AfroExposure' for more information about images from this year event and about any upcoming events.

Thanks again and we hope to see you next year.

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