AfroExposure | Celebrating African Fashion, Music and Dance

Tosin Designs

Tosin Olaniyi, founder of Kreatif Designs, was one of the designers that will be featured in the fashion presentations at the highly anticipated AfroExposure 2011. Olaniyi launched Kreatif Designs in 2007 and embarked on a mission to change the perception of African-inspired apparel “by westernizing African fabrics in conjunction with materials around the world.”

2011 AfroExposure Team

The first annual AfroExposure, entitled Awakening of African Culture, was a unifying and enriching exhibit complete with exhilarating performances and presentations by young talented artists who express appreciation for their heritage through their crafts. The appropriately titled showcase truly was an awakening experience, reminding the audience to honor the past, celebrate the present, and progress towards the future as African culture continues to evolve.

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